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  • Pigment powder for lip gloss: Our lip gloss color pigment is different from mica powder sets. The mica powder just makes your lip gloss base look colored, but use The effect does't produce color, our lip gloss pigment is easy mix well with lip gloss base, and achieves the pigmented effect you want when you use it.
  • Lipgloss Pigments Pack: Our lip pigment is a natural organic product of vivid colors. It is an oily pigment. lip gloss color are not soluble in water, so lip gloss pigment vegan isn't suitable for making bathroom bomb, soap, Slime, nude lip gloss pigment are very suitable for making lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, lip balm,lip glaze,lip plumper,lip maximizer,blush or nail polish cosmetics
  • Lip Gloss Pigment Powder Safe for Lips: The cosmetic pigment powder for lip gloss is different from the general mica powder for soap making. The lip gloss pigment powder is extracted from natural plants, it is non-toxic and will not irritate the human skin. You can rest assured use PARAMISS lip gloss pigment to make your own lip gloss
  • Rich colors:6 kinds of beautiful color pigment powder including 5 kinds of nude pigment (metal-free) and 1 kind of shimmer glitter pigment:barbie pink pigments, nude lip pigment, light pink color pigment dye, brown color pigments and white pearl lip gloss glitter pigment powder meet your needs for different types of makeup dye pigment for lip gloss, and provide dazzling and beautiful color choices for your diy cosmetic projects
  • Freely mix colors : Our lip gloss glitter pigments powder can quickly melt and adhere to transparent media such as lip gloss base, paint, etc., so you can mix these mattee lip gloss coloring at will to customize what you want Beautiful colors. Note: Due to the shooting angle, cosmetic colors may differ from the picture
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY MICA POWDER PIGMENT Our Smalltongue mica powder is a superb resin dye colorant which is crafted with naturally ground stone mica, free from harmful chemicals and irritants. Long-lasting pure quality and odorless mica powder pigments are ultimate choice in creating plethora of various cosmetics and DIY art and crafts
  • LARGE VARIETY of UNIQUE COLORS You'll get 36 vibrant unique colors with 6 MIRAGE COLORS and 30 metallic mica powder shades! Each color comes in a (0.35 oz / 10 g) bottle. Meet all the needs of creating bright beautiful crafts you desire!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE Our natural mica powder pigment gives you creativity without borders. Great for lip gloss, epoxy resin, soap making, makeup, lipstick, cosmetics, slime, acrylic paint, nail, candles and so much more!
  • SAFE & PREMIUM Our high quality mica powder is cruelty and vegan free. Non-toxic and gentle to the skin allow it could be used for makeup purposes such lip gloss, eye shadow and so on.
  • BEST GIFT IDEA The best gift idea for any artist! Great gift for wedding, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, birthday, gift for women, girls, family, couple, wife, or any event!
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  • ✅ TIRED OF CONSTANTLY BUYING MINI PACKS OF POWDER COLORANT? LOOK NO FURTHER! - Our MARBLERS Pure Powder comes in variety of sizes: 0.35oz, 1oz, 3oz, 5oz, 5.6oz, and 10oz. Prefer a different size option? Let us know and we will stock them!
  • ✅ Over 100 different base colors you can choose from, and you can achieve more colors by mixing multiple colors. DON’T SEE A COLOR YOU LIKE? SEND US A MESSAGE VIA AMAZON, WE WILL STOCK THEM!
  • ✅ Safe Non-Toxic Powder for all of you DIY projects - Our powder is safe for all of your DIY projects such as Melt & Pour Soap, Candles, Bath Bombs (use with Polysorbate 80), Slime Making, Nail Polish, Cosmetics, Paint, Automotive Paint, Epoxy, Concrete, and More!
  • ✅ Easy to Carry | Easy to Use | Easy to Store | Resealable Bag
  • ✅ QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON - 100% Money back guarantee for 1 YEAR! Contact us anytime with any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to make it right!
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  • 【32 VIBRANT COLOR】SEISSO Mica Powder is available in 32 vibrant colors that will really make your DIY project pop! You can mix to create any color you can imagine! Each sealable jar of powder contains approx 5g/0.18oz of pigment.
  • 【NATURAL & SKIN SAFE】Our mica powder pigments using the high quality natural ingredients, which are MSDS approved - Cruelty and Vegan Free, Non-toxic, Irritation Free, Stain Free, Skin friendly and baby friendly.
  • 【SILKY & SMOOTH TEXTURE】Cosmetics-grade mica powder is ideal for makeup, lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, homemade shimmery body butters, and so much more!
  • 【SUITABLE DYE APPLICATION】Mica is a natural organic product, very fine particle color pigments that can be mixed into almost any transparent medium and applied to any surface. It is perfect for coloring acrylic, paint, epoxy resin, soap, slime, etc.
  • 【NOTE】The amount or volume of mica pigment powder filled in each jar will appear to be different for each pigment color due to the differences in particle size and density between pigments. Hope for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.
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  • 【Liquid Pigment】The lip gloss liquid colorant has 12 natural vegetarian pigments, which provide you with a variety of color options.Only for Lip Gloss Base.
  • 【DIY Your Own Lip Gloss】Lip gloss liquid pigment refined with high concentration formula can ensure depth and vividness 12 liquid dyes can be used alone or mixed to create more customized colors, thus providing unlimited colors for DIY lip gloss possibility.
  • 【Long Lasting Color】Lipstick liquid pigments are pigments made of natural ingredients, which can ensure professional results without discoloration. Our liquid pigment powders have stable color performance and will not fade into other colors, but only show the original color.
  • 【Natural Ingredients】Lip gloss liquid pigment is made of cosmetic dyes and pigments extracted from plants. It will not irritate the skin. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Of course you can use it with confidence.
  • 【Perfect Gift】This set of lip gloss liquid pigments is a perfect gift for close female friends. You can make your own lip gloss and lipstick at home. It is convenient and simple to make. You only need to pour a part and mix it with the lip gloss base to complete the desired color.
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  • NATURAL MICA PIGMENT POWDER - Red Strawberry (pink undertones, see pic #2)
  • SOAP STABLE PIGMENTS - Color stable in cold and hot process, melt and pour soap making, epoxy resin, DIY cosmetics, sugar scrubs, wax melts, nail powder, blush, eye shadow
  • COSMETIC GRADE PIGMENT POWDER - Vegan friendly, cruelty free, pigment powder for lipstick, pigment powder lip gloss, face, eyes, lips, organic lipstick pigment cosmetic grade ingredients, chapstick
  • RED PINK PIGMENT POWDER FOR - Nails, makeup, epoxy resin, pearl ex, red powdered pigments, mica red pearl pigments, fingernails, red mica powder for soap making, particle size 10-60uM
  • RED PEARL PIGMENTS - Our cosmetic pigment powder natural powdered pearl mica powder is packed into spill proof reusable jars with 10g of mica
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  • SAFE MATERIAL: DIY lipstick pigment powder is made of safe ingredients, which is non-toxic, animal friendly, irritation free, stain free, gentle and safe to your skin. You can use it with confidenc
  • RICH IN COLOR: With a total of 8 different colors to choose from, these popular lipstick colors are enough to help you create the best looking lipsticks. Even with just one color, you can create lip glosses in different colors depending on the ratio.
  • EASY TO COLOR: This lipstick DIY powder has a very fine texture and is easy to colour. Lipsticks made with it have a soft texture and do not look dry on the lips when applied.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO STORE: Compact appearance, easy to carry and use. The makeup lipstick pigment powder is also very easy to store, as long as it is kept clean and dry, suitable for professional use and personal use.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: A quality powdered make-up pigment that can be used to create lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, nail art and other crafts. Your unique imagination and creativity can make it even more versatile.
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  • 【AMAZING COLOR SELECTION】-20 unique vibrant colors,each color is 10g (0.35ounce) by weight,A little powder goes a long way!Meet all the needs of creating bright beautiful crafts you desire!
  • 【EASY TO USE】-Newbie or pro,Kids Or Adults,This powder dyes that melt fast and attached to the soap material,easy to mix up with epoxy or alcohol inks, you can mix or match multiple colors to make your own blends.A ultimate choice in creating plethora of various cosmetics and DIY art and crafts. Individual resealable pack ensures no spillage, no mess and no waste, Easy to take them out or storage them.
  • 【SAFE & NON-TOXIC】-Highest Quality,Non-Toxic,free from harmful chemicals and irritants,vegan free gentle to the skin! Metallic-like shimmer,easy to be mixed without clumps,Completely skin safe for use as soap making colorant,bath bomb colorant, , Lip gloss,Makeup Dye etc
  • 【MULTI-APPLICATION】-mica pigment powder can be used for Epoxy resin dye,soap making,candle making,bath bomb Colorant,paint,slime,tumbler,cups,craft projects and jewelry.And the epoxy dye is perfectly suited for makeup purposes such as lip gloss,body butter,aroma beads,eye shadow,Lotions,blush, nair poish art.just start to make your own style crafts with your unique imagination
  • 【Great Service】-We have confidence with epoxy color pigment. We want to make you fully satisfied with your pigments.If you are not happy with the mica powder kit,missing parts or the package was broken up, please do not hesitate to contact us, we promise that we can solve the problem within 24 hours without any fees.
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  • RESIN DYE: This set contains 25 different colors 0.1 oz. each, of prime grade quality epoxy pigments. Fast melting powder is very convenient in use to dye resin.
  • EPOXY RESIN MICA POWDER: Dyeing resin is as easy as it can possibly be with the great variety of epoxy powder pigments for any DIY project.
  • RESIN COLOR PIGMENT: This color epoxy resin pigment can be widely used for decorating resin crafts, nail art, jewelry making, soap making and cosmetics.
  • SOAP MAKING MICA POWDER: Vegan soap dye powder is the top choice for soap dye coloring when making unique professional grade soap in the comfort of your home.
  • MICA POWDER FOR MAKEUP: Used throughout for creating makeup, lipstick, lip balm, eye shadow, if applied in moderation.
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  • Professional Grade Mica Powder – Baltic Day mica powder is a superb quality dye which is made from the highest quality mineral and naturally ground stone mica. Each color is packed into comfortable easy to use 0.353oz/10g shake & pour jars.
  • Fine Pigment Powder – Our natural color pigment is made from a stronger pigment than other powders, so you only need a small amount of pigment for your projects. Great for epoxy resin, soap making, bath bombs, homemade slime, candle, polymer clay, car freshies, acrylic paint, cosmetics, wood coloring and much more!
  • 30 Highly Pigmented Colors – This set of 30 high intensity and vibrant metallic colors can be mixed together to discover new shimmering shade combinations. Our pigment set is already packed as a gift and it’s the best gift idea for any artist or craft maker!
  • Cosmetic Grade & Safe - All our pigments are 100% non-toxic, skin safe, vegan free and perfectly suited for nail polish, lipstick, lip balm/gloss, eyeshadows, lotions, body butters and so on. You can be sure that our pigments contains only safe ingredients.
  • We Care About Quality - Our pigments are a long-lasting powders that can be used for any art & craft project.

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