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Best Home Depot Vertical Blinds Repair Kit

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  • Includes basic how to repair video instructions. Standard cord replacement kit components for blinds with 2 pull cords. 2 plastic cord tassels, 2 plastic cord stops, 2 plastic bottom rail plugs for 1/4" hole and 2 plastic bottom rail plugs for 5/16" hole. 1 threading tool. 30 Feet of 1.8mm white pull cord.
  • High quality replacement cord.
  • To reduce the chance of a return, please check how to measure the cord.
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  • ✔️ 60 Pieces - There are 60 Pieces 1.18inch*1.18inch Vertical Blind Repair Tabs in the package. So you have a sufficient number of Verticle Blinds Snap in Replacement to fix all the Vertical blinds in your home.
  • ✔️ Sturdy - Our Blind Replacement Panels are made of high quality PVC material. We have tested them many times and these Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats last for a long time and are not easily damaged.
  • ✔️ Strong Adhesion - Our Clear Blind Fixer Tabs are made with strong glue, so you don't have to worry about them coming off.
  • ✔️ Transparent - Our Clear Vertical Blind Repair Kit can be applied to all colors of vertical blinds. Blind Replacement Parts will not cover up the original color of the blinds. As a result, your blinds will look as good as new without very visible marks.
  • ✔️ Easy to Use - You just need to peel off the tape protective film from Vertical Blind Repair Tabs and apply Clear Blind Fixer Tabs to the blinds that need to be repaired. You can stick Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs on both front and back for a stronger hold.
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  • Package contents: you will receive 6 pieces hardware tilt wand tips for broken horizontal blind, enough to meet your daily requirements of use and replacement, with the rest available for use, and you can also share them with family members and friends
  • Size information: the outer diameter is about 0.39 inch, and the part that goes into the tube is a cuboid, measuring about 0.16 x 0.16 x 0.43 inch in size, and please make sure the size information before purchasing
  • Better effects with glue: if you have a larger diameter of these repair tilt wand at home, you can use glue to make it stronger, and the clear design allows you to attach your blinds properly
  • Plastic material: these hardware wand assembly replacement kits are made of clear plastic materials, which are solid and sturdy, not easy to break or deform, delicate and practical accessories in daily time, which can be applied for a long time
  • Lightweight to use: these vertical blinds replacement slats are lightweight, easy to use, proper size, which will not occupy much space in the blinds or bring too much burden to your blinds or windows, convenient to apply
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  • Durable material: sunshade lifting rope is made of high-quality polyester material. It is strong and durable, and does not fade. The rope body is thick and not easy to break. It has good heat resistance, waterproof, soft rope, and easy to knot. It is suitable for all kinds of binding and can be used for a long time.
  • Easy to use: easy to replace and maintain curtains. You can easily replace the ropes on the blinds. The lifting rope can also be used for ceiling fans or light ropes. Flexible and continuous ropes are compatible with almost all major curtain brands.
  • Design: the lifting rope is wrapped in a plastic cylinder without bending. There is a small hole on the side of the plastic pipe to fix the rope head, which makes it easier to find and cut. The rope is resistant to sunlight. Its braided structure reduces friction and provides you with lasting performance.
  • Package includes: 1 sunshade lifting rope, the thickness of the rope is 2mm / 0.078 inch, the length of each roll is 50M / 164 feet, which is enough for daily use and replacement, and can bear a maximum weight of 150 pounds. The rope is small and easy to store.
  • Wide range of uses: sunshade cord is multifunctional, suitable for most occasions, can be used to repair Roman curtains, aluminum shutters, ceiling fans and lighting decoration, plant binding, outdoor equipment manufacturing, crafts, crochet and beading projects.
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  • MORE FUNCTIONAL REPAIR KIT: This repair kit includes 15pcs stems replacement and 30sets of vertical blind slat repair tabs (Total 60pcs tabs). The broken vertical blinds usually have the broken slat holes and the stuck stems. You can easily solve these two problems with this repair kit.
  • EASY TO APPLY: You just need to peel off the tabs from the backing paper and apply directly to the broken vertical blind slat, super easy to use and very sturdy! For the broken stem, just remove the broken stem from the carrier in the head rail and replace them with the new one. Please check the stem size picture and match up exactly to your parts.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: The stems for vertical window blind come in universal size to fit most of vertical blinds, but please still check the size carefully before ordering and make sure it can match your blinds.
  • IMPROVED SOLUTION: Our repair tabs design provides a professional looking repair for any vertical blinds, our self-adhesive repair tabs use the exclusive super-sticky glue to make sure a strong hold on your vertical blinds that will last and last. Our repair tabs are lightweight, unlike other metal vane savers will increase the weight of the slats and finally it will cause the damage to the blind components.
  • SAVE YOUR COST AND TIME: Compare to buy the vertical blinds replacement slats or replacing the whole vertical blind , this blind repair kit is much cost-effective and easy to repair.
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  • ⭐ Perfect Solution - You don't have to spend a lot of money on new Vertical Blinds Replacement Slats. this Vertical Blind Repair Tabs is a great solution that saves money and works well. This Vertical Blind Repair Kit can fix your blinds perfectly and keep them from falling down.
  • ⭐ Won't fall off - After many tests, the blinds will not come off easily with our Vertical Blind Repair Tabs.
  • ⭐ Can Repair 30 Blind Slats - There are 30 Sets (60 Pcs) of Vertical Blind Repair Tabs in the package. So these blind repair tabs can fix many blind slats .
  • ⭐ Premium Material - These Vertical Blind Repair Kits are made of polyvinyl chloride and powerful adhesive.
  • ⭐ Very easy to use - This Vertical Blind Repair Tabs is easy to use. All you need to do is remove the backing and stick it on the blind slats. It's best to press it again so that it is more sturdy.
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  • Order a quantity of 1 in your shopping cart and receive 2 wand tilters.
  • These wand tilters fit inside a headrail that is only 2.25" wide and 1.5" tall
  • Has a hexagon shaped gear hole in the center (this means that the metal rod that is located inside of your blind's headrail must be hexagon shaped in order to fit inside of the gear.)
  • The hexagon shaped gear hole in the center is 1/4" wide in diameter.
  • See "How to Replace Wand Tilt Mechanism" in the Product Description below.
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  • Quick And Easy Repair: No need for a home-made solution or no solution at all - our vertical blind repair tabs are custom-tailored to repairing your vertical blinds
  • Improved Solution: Unlike other vertical blind tabs, our tabs come pre-cut and ready to use. Many tabs are folded vs. cut, which eventually leads to the tabs peeling off the blinds - no one wants to have to make the same repair twice!
  • High-strength Hold: Our self-adhesive blind fixer tabs come pre-coated with super-sticky glue to create a strong hold on your blinds that will last and last. Just peel back the paper film, stick on one tab, then repeat on the other side
  • Universally Compatible: Clear in color, our vertical blind repair tabs work with all blind colors and blind textures - universal compatibility with all makes and models of vertical blinds
  • Value Pack: Our 10-pack of vertical blind tab sets (20-total tabs) includes 2 alcohol wipes for a true value pack. Cleaning your blinds and allowing them to dry before application increases sticking power for a permanent repair
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  • ►【 Best Value Package 】-- A plastic bag contains 16 sets (total 32pieces)transparent vertical blind repair tabs. Before using the tab, you can clean the broken place of the blinds , increase the adhesive force, and permanently repaired them.
  • ►【 How to Use 】-- 1.Clean the broken place of the blinds. 2.Tear off the backing of the tab. 3.Stick the tab where it's broken 4.Repeat step 3 for the other side.
  • ►【 Super Sticky Adhesive 】: Unlike other vertical blind tabs, our clear blinds repair tabs are made of High-quality strong adhesive, which has super viscosity. You don't have to worry about the tabs peeling off the blinds.
  • ►【 Advanced PVC Materials 】-- Our vertical blind repair tabs are made of 6mm advanced PVC, thick and strong. And we upgraded the area of each label to 1.18inch*1.18inch. They can keep your vertical blinds working long-lasting.
  • ►【 Universally Compatible 】-- The transparent blinds repair tabs match any color of vertical blinds. And they are suitable for most material of vertical blinds, whether it is vinyl/PVC, or fabric, they can be repaired.
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  • Vertical blind repair tabs - Simplify vertical blinds repair. Clear self-adhesive tabs provide sturdy, long-lasting repair, the self-stick backing of these transparent tabs ensures a secure grip to make tears virtually disappear.
  • Vertical blinds repair kit - You will get 32 ​​sets of Vertical blind repair tabs.You’ll repair each panel of your blinds with confidence thanks to the high quality of these vertical blind tabs designed to instantly.
  • Profession design and pre cut - The products are designed by a professional design team, and each label is pre-cut and ready to use. The repair label has precise cut blade holes suitable for vertical blinds, No need to mess around with scissors or knives.
  • High quality adhesive labels - Each vertical blind repair label is coated with a high-quality adhesive, and the super adhesive provides a firm fixation to hold the blinds firmly in place. Tear off the strap and press firmly on the blinds to form a strong bond for your convenience.
  • Don’t throw away your vertical blinds when they get a tear at the connection point, instead, use these handy vertical blind repair tabs that help you prolong the life of your blind investment.

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