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  • NON ADHESIVE - Static cling window film without glue, made of environmental friendly materials, very easy to install. Soapy water is the key ingredient, and PEELING OFF THE BACKING LINER is necessary.
  • ROOM DARKENING - Our blackout window film stops at least 99% of daylight and also provides comprehensive two-way privacy, ideal for someone who needs day sleep and complete privacy.
  • HEAT CONTROL - Besides blocking UV, our black window film are very effective at controlling excess heat and glare, also does well in protecting the home furnishing from fading .
  • REUSABLE WINDOW FILM - Glue free design, very easy to take off and reuse, no residue left. Roll up and keep it well when you don't need it until next time application.
  • APPLICABLE SCOPE - ONLY apply this film on on single panes of glass, or on modern double glazed units made of toughened glass. The glass must be smooth and flat. You can DIY this film as a glass décor by cutting it into any shape.
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  • STATIC CLING - VELIMAX blackout window film uses static cling which means no adhesive is needed. The non adhesive material is suited to temporary uses. It is easy to apply and remove and it can even be reused. Soapy water is the key ingredient, and PEELING OFF THE BACKING LINER is necessary. The sun blocking window vinyl is a great substitute for curtains or window blinds.
  • 100% LIGHT BLOCKING - Our white blackout window film stops 100% of daylight and also provides comprehensive two-way privacy. Ideal for babies or toddlers who struggle with falling asleep, or shift workers who need to sleep during daytime hours.
  • HEAT CONTROL & SAFE - This white version blackout window cover does a great job of controlling the excess heat. Thanks to the white color, it won't absorb too much heat during hot summer. It has no risk of breaking glass, and it's safe for using on all kinds of glass.
  • REUSABLE WINDOW FILM - With the glue free design, the window film is very easy to remove and reuse, no residue left. Roll up and keep it well when you don't need it until next time application.
  • WIDE APPLICATION SCOPES - The static cling white-out window film is ideal to use on glass door panels, mirrored wardrobes, conservatories, shower screens and garden sheds. The glass must be smooth and flat. You can DIY this film as a glass décor by cutting it into any shape..
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  • Total Blackout Window Flim: Our Sun & Light Blocking Window Film can block all lights and create a good sleeping environment for day sleep. Darker than curtains or blinds, minimize sun glare and make your room look like night. And also Perfect for Home theater windows. Note: Please do not apply the privacy film to double panel window, or the windows that are directly exposed to strong sunlight in summer or under high temperature, as the heat might cause cracking
  • UV Rejection & Block Strong Sunlight: This window blackout film can reflect 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays back and prevent the furniture from fading. It's really a nice choice as window sun blocker for house.
  • Top Privacy Protection: With top privacy level, this Opaque Frosted blackout window cling could effectively reject views from outside and give you a total personal room without interruption. (This black privacy window film is Suitable for Living Room, Office, Bathroom, Meeting Room, Sitting Room etc.)
  • Static Cling , No Glue Design : This black window film is non-adhesives, applied with water, no sticky, harmful, and chemical glues. It could be easily removed without any adhesive left, and is reusable for multiply times. As a blackout window treatments, it's really a cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains, blinds or window shades for home blackout.
  • Space Grid Backing Design: With the spaced grid lines on the protective backing film, you could cut the black out window cover to fit your window much easier and preciser. Also, there are instructions of multilingual languages on the backing film to help your installation
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  • 【100% Privacy Protection】Window film privacy level ★★★★★, provide 100% privacy and you can't see in or see out.Light blocking makes your room as dark as night,perfect for day sleep and high privacy requirement,no need to worry about being peeped by passersby and neighbors anymore.Tulip flower design with easy cutting grid line,different with black window film in other stores.Simple but elegant.
  • 【Static Cling Design】No chemical sticky glue,no harmful substances release.Static cling design,super easy to apply and remove without any residue,no damage to windows surface.Also,it can be reused if not be damaged or smudged,very cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • 【Control Heat Anti UV】Solar control properties helps to reduce heat,block strong and glare sunshine,save energy during hot summer.Also,it can block out 96% harmful UV rays, protect your furniture from ageing,makes you feel cooler and more comfortable.
  • 【Easy Application】Unlike traditional glue window film,static cling window film only need some (soapy) water to apply,you can adjust position as you want,no need to worry about making mistake during installation.Also,it can be easily trimmed to required size or shape with scissors or utility knife.
  • 【Important Notice】❤This window film pattern can’t ally together,please measure window size before placing order.❤Only used on smooth surface.❤Please use a hair dryer to soften window film under cold winter.❤Please remove backing before using.❤More water will help to stick and don’t forget to squeeze out all water and bubbles.
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  • Total Blackout Window Film – The best valentines day gifts. 100% sun & light-blocking, provide 24-hour privacy, help you to get a good night's sleep even during the day, is super suitable for night shift workers or light-sensitive people.
  • HEAT CONTROL & ENERGY EFFICIENT – Unique WHITE backside design, let your glass no longer absorb heat, KEEPING YOU COOL in the SUMMER more than other brand blackout film. Help to reduce your air conditioning bill.
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL – Grids on the backing protective film makes easier to cut. No glue, SUPER STATIC CLING and can be applied in minutes as long as the BACKING FILM is REMOVED and A GREAT MANY WATER is sprayed.
  • NO GLUE & REMOVABLE – Easy to remove, just peel it off. No traces left after removing, the best privacy, sleep and energy saving assistant in a rented home. Blackout and privacy level: ★★★★★
  • INSTALLATION TIPS – Before installation, pls make sure the window are completely clean and the BACKING PROTECTIVE FILM is removed; During installation, pls spray a lot of water both on the glass surface and smooth side of window film for effective attachment; After installation, please trim the edges and leave 0.2 inches between the film edge and the window edge to squeeze out air bubbles easily.
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  • Privacy Window Film --【Unique Rain Silk Design】-- Give a beautiful appearance of rain patterned glass to your windows or doors. Decorate your lovely home.
  • Privacy Window Film --【100% Light Blocking】-- Privacy Level :★★★★★, the effect of protecting privacy can reach 100%. Keep out the ugly scenery.
  • Privacy Window Film --【UV Defense】-- Blocks up to 100% of UV Rays and Reduces Glare up to 100%. Your skin and furniture can be effectively protected by our privacy window film.
  • Privacy Window Film --【No Glue】-- Paste convenience, when you remove this window film away, there is no trace left. Reusable and Good for your glass protection.
  • Privacy Window Film --【6-month Support】-- If our window film has any quality problems or installation problems within 6 months, we will send you a new replacement for free.
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  • Key Steps: Please remove the backing protective film before installation, spray Lots of Water until the water forms a thick curtain of rain running down the window, scrape out all bubbles.
  • 【Room Darkening Static Cling】The professional blocking-light layer is added to stop all light penetration while making the room in darker. Highly recommend for those who like to sleep in or need to sleep during the day! The blackout window film can replace the expensive curtain or blinds at the lowest cost.
  • 【Block Out Heat and Glare】The unique flowers surface design help you reflect strong light and block heat in, more Than 96% UV can be blocked to create a comfortable home environment, prevent heat attack and fading furniture. Keep the home cool in summer and save some electricity costs while avoiding glare and keep eyes comfortable.
  • 【Excellent Privacy Protection】The privacy level :★★★★★, provide double-sided privacy protection and create a safe and private environment anytime and anywhere while allowing some comfortable natural light in. Perfect for living room, bedroom, bathroom.
  • 【Super Easy to Install】No-glue, static cling, removable and reusable, adheres perfectly. Just prepare lots of soapy water, scraper, dry towel. If moving the home, just peel off the window film and keep it in a good shape for next use.
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  • 【UV Protection】Continuous exposure to the sun will cause high room temperature, aging furniture, and sunburn on the skin. Heat insulation film that can block 90% of UV and 50% of heat.It can perfectly solve this problem, and you will have a feeling of visibly cooler after use. It can also save your air-conditioning electricity bill.
  • 【Privacy Protection】After sticking the window film, the outside looks like a mirror during the day, and I promise you can’t see inside even if you use a telescope. But the inside can still clearly see the outside.It also makes the house more beautiful.
  • 【Safety Protection】When the window glass is hit by objects entrapped by a ball or typhoon, the splash of glass slag can cause serious injury to people. Only PET window film with glue can be explosion-proof. Only our videos dare to do real tests.
  • 【High Quality】What an embarrassing thing if the window film blisters and fades after exposure to the sun. In summer, the glass temperature can reach 60℃, ordinary window film will definitely foam, but the window film with glue PET material will not. avoid frequent replacement, waste your time and money.
  • A lot of customer feedback, referring to the video will be very helpful for you to paste the film! I am more than happy to answer any questions you have. We cherish every opportunity for service, if there is any dissatisfaction, I will definitely solve it for you, as long as you contact me.
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  • ※100% LIGHT BLOCKING: This privacy window film can make your room as dark as night in the light of day -darker than curtains,ideal for someone who needs day sleep and 100% privacy, no need worry about being peeped by passersby and neighbors, also no more barking pets. Window Film Privacy Level ★★★★★.
  • ※NO ADHESIVE APPLICATION: Static cling without adhesive, no chemical sticky glue, super easy to do application on smooth window glass surface,and remove without any residue. Furthermore, it can be reused if no damage happened on smooth surface.
  • ※HEAT CONTROL ANTI UV: This blackout window film helps to reduce heat and block out 99% UV rays during hot summer, highly protect your furniture from color fading and keep your skin heath, makes you feel cooler inside.
  • ※FASHION ETCHED TULIP DESIGN: With elegant tulip pattern on this window privacy film, you will feel different with other plain black window film, it can transfer your boring window into fashion designed glass in minutes.
  • ※INSTALLATION TIPS:▲Please make sure the window surface, edges and corners are clean enough without any dust and remember to peel off the clear backing film before installation; ▲Please must peel off backing protective film when do application▲Please spray a lot of soap water on both the window surface and window film back during installation for effective attachment.
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  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Contact us anytime via Amazon for a free refund, no return necessary!
  • WHITE EXTERIOR reduces heat, reflects UV rays, and improves appearance from the outside
  • 100% LIGHT BLOCKING to make your room as dark as night in the light of day – darker than curtains!
  • GREAT FOR DAY SLEEPING OR BABY NURSERY - sleep perfectly sound no matter the time of day
  • SUPER STATIC CLING allows easy application or removal from any smooth surface with no trace residue

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