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  • The voltage of single cell: 1.5V; 4 AA batteries in series: 6V
  • The connector is paired with the barrel jack on Arduino to supply power to your device, power supply to LED lamp power supply, etc., and you can also go to DIY for more play
  • The 5 inch cable is terminated with a standard 5.5x2.1mm, center positive barrel jack connector
  • The connector compatible with Arduino (among a number of other products) allowing you to easily make your project battery powered
  • Package includes: 2 x 4xAA Battery Holder Case
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  • Plug Type: 2.1mm x 5.5mm Male to 9V Battery Clip
  • Cable length:6 inches
  • Great to use for LED strip light or arduino
  • Package contains 5 pcs 9v Battery Clips (9V battery is not included)
  • Arduino and Battery shown for example only
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  • Standard 5.5x2.1mm Center Positive Barrel Jack DC Male Plug. Cable length: Approx. 20cm (7.8 inch).
  • Widely Used for Arduino Uno, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Ethernet Shield, development boards, evaluation boards, breadboard, Arduino DIY, DSO 138 OscillOscope kit, XR2206 function generator and the device which need the 9V battery.
  • Easy install & Save work: This cable come with a 9V battery holder and 3 screw fixing hole on the base, convenient for fixing; With this snap cable, you can saves the work of soldering a battery snap to a DC coax plug. Don't always have to take apart/open some test equipment just to change the battery inside.
  • ! ! ! Not fit for Arduino Nano, Effect pedals.
  • Any quality issues, please feel free to contact us.
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  • 9v Battery Holder with ON/OFF Switch 9 Volt Box Pack Power Toggle for Arduino
  • It is ideal for all types of DIY projects, Raspberry Pi, Automobile, Camera and outdoor Camping DIY installations.
  • Easy to remove sliding cover.
  • The Cable with 2.1x5.5mm DC Power Plug.
  • Pack of 2PCS
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  • Type:Breadboard Power Supply Module and DC 2.1X 5.5mm Male Plug Set.
  • Fluctuation two road independent control, can switch over to 0 V, 3.3 V, 5 V.
  • This kit is a good power supply module for Arduino Raspberry Pi.
  • Board Model: MB102. Output Voltage: 3.3v, 5V switchable.Maximum Output Current: less than 700mA.Input Voltage: 6.5-12v (dc) or USB power supply.
  • Package included:2PCS MB102 Prototype Board Breadboard and 2PCS Battery Clip.Cable length:6".
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  • RECHARGEABLE LI-ION BATTERY – The energyShield 2 Basic has an 1800mAh lithium-ion battery at its core, protected with an impact-resistant, injection molded, ABS cover
  • USB CHARGING - The battery can be recharged from any USB port with a micro USB cable
  • ADD MOBILITY – With the built-in power source, projects made with the energyShield 2 Basic can be moved around freely, without the USB/power cable tethering you to your desk
  • MULTIPLE POWER OUTPUTS – The energyShield 2 Basic power circuitry provides both 5V (1000mA) and 3.3V (300mA)
  • SHIELD FORM FACTOR COMPATIBLE WITH ARDUINO UNO R3 – All of the functionality of the energyShield 2 Basic is packed inside of a standard Uno Leo Mega shield, which will fit right into your stack
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  • AA Battery Holder Kit includes 1pcs 1.5V battery holder, 1pcs 3V battery holder, 1pcs 4.5V battery holder, 1pcs 6V battery holder.
  • With 15cm length lead wires, can connect to other units conveniently.
  • Made of plastic shell, copper contact and nickel-plated steel spring, to ensure effective good contact, sturdy and durable.
  • 1 AA Battery Case: 57 * 17 * 13mm, 2 AA Battery Case: 58 * 32 * 14mm, 3 AA Battery Case: 58 * 47 * 15mm, 4 AA Battery Case: 63 * 58 * 16mm.
  • Usually applied in electronic circuit experiment, Arduino DIY projects, led device, quartz clock, doorbell, household appliances and so on.
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  • Note: The battery overcurrent protection is not a panacea, do not continue to charge and discharge the current and voltage with a large current beyond the range, otherwise the protection board will be damaged and invalid. When using for the first time, please charge and activate the protection board first
  • 1100mah: The recommended charging current is 0.2A, the maximum is not more than 1A The discharge current is recommended 0.55A, and the maximum is not more than 3A
  • Over-discharge protection: When the battery is about to run out and the voltage is as low as 3.0V, the protection board will also be turned off and can no longer be discharged, forming an over-discharge protection effect.
  • Overcharge protection: When charging the battery, when the voltage reaches the highest battery voltage (4.2V), the protection board will automatically power off and shut down, indicating that it will not continue to charge when fully charged. form an overshoot protection.
  • Short circuit protection: When an accidental short circuit occurs, the protection board will automatically shut down within a few milliseconds and will not be powered on again. Note that the cell is short-circuited (not through the protection board). The protection board will also fail due to continuous high current, or the components are heated and damaged.
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  • Battery holder with ON/Off switch and cover.
  • DC connectors are easier to connect.
  • Lead length: 15cm / 5.9Inches.Package Include: 2PCS.
  • With spring clip design, easy to install and remove a battery.
  • Great for use in electronics applications and small hobby projects.
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  • Package includes 4Pcs and 2 types aa battery holder with leads for Arduino Holder: (1)2 aa battery holder, (2)4 aa battery holder
  • Dimensions of AA battery holder with lead wires: (1)2x 1.5V 2 aa battery holder with leads: 2.303" x 1.276" x 0.575"/5.85cm x 3.24cm x 1.46cm(L*W*H). (2)4x 1.5V 4aa battery holder with wires: 2.248" x 2.457" x 0.622"/5.71cm x 6.23cm x 1.58cm(L*W*H); For Arduino battery holder
  • AA Battery Holder Wire with Leads: all battery box with leads, they are tinned wire end; Wire Length: 5.9"/15cm; Cable Diameter(count in the PVC isolation around the wire): 0.0393"/1mm; Cable Color: red and black
  • One AA Battery Holder Weight: (1)2 aa battery holder: 0.247oz/7g (2) 4 cell aa battery holder: 0.459oz/13g
  • DIY Extension: Join one 2 X 1.5V aa battery holder and one 4 X 1.5V aa battery holder can get a 9V aa battery holder; Join one 4 X 1.5V aa battery holder and one 4 X 1.5V aa battery holder can get a 12V aa battery holder. so, 9Volt aa battery holder and 12Volt aa battery holder are also on your hands.

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